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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christine interviews M. Rosenberg inside dog cage


Christine interviews Michael Rosenberg inside dog cage

at Miami Dade Animal Services

This November 6, 2012  is an important date as voters head to the polls to vote not just for a President to lead our country but also to decide on a number of issues affecting our immediate county.  This year Miami Dade county has a record long 10 page ballot. Towards the end of the ballot is a very important initiative to help REVERSE the euthanization of healthy, adoptable pets at the county shelter.  It's #240. VOTE YES.

The Pets Trust (which we have been covering since it first reached county commissioners), could be the model example for the entire country for a fully comprehensive plan to reverse the rate of euthanized pets at county shelters. People turn in their pets for a number of reasons.  Pets Trust will get to the root of the problem through various programs: high volume/low cost spay neuter clinics and education programs to help pet owners understand the responsibility in caring for their pets and solutions to solve problems so they are not abandoning their pets or turning them into the shelter. 

Pawsitively Humane,  Inc was the only animal welfare nonprofit in South Florida to interview Michael Rosenberg (President of Pets Trust) while he lived the entire weekend in one of the dog cages.  While many television news stations covered Michael's story of determination, as one of the nonprofits that works in both the trenches and in education, we felt it was important to talk straight to Michael, unedited. (For the complete history on Pets Trust, scroll down and click on the links).

We apologize this is not a high quality production (all of our funds go to the care of rescued pets). The noise in the background are the fans that run nonstop since there is no air condition where the dogs are caged (this is Miami and it's humid). Also the interview was conducted after hours, well after the center was closed to the public, so the only light we had was a flashlight. My interview took place at 10pm on a Friday night, October 5th inside the dog cage.  A typical night for animal welfare volunteers.

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Miami Dade's Pets Trust would be a Model Example (Miami Herald Article, October 29, 2012) 

Inside the Room at the Miami Dade shelter where animals are killed (Miami Herald Article, October 27, 2012)

Christine Michaels, Founder of PHI, attends County Commission hearing about Pets Trust (July 10, 2012)

The County Commissioners Vote on whether to add Pets Trust initiative to Nov 6 Ballot (July 17, 2012)

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