Pawsitively Humane


In Miami Dade for example, approximately 20,000 dogs and cats are put to sleep. Sadly the county shelter, which is set up to accept any unwanted pets so they are not dumped in the street or killed by their owners, is chronically underfunded and understaffed.  No one wants to see a happy, healthy pet put to sleep. But the alternative--poisoning, drowning, shooting pets is cruel, inhumane and against the law. 

The reason pets are dropped off vary from economic reasons, not ready for the responsibility, pet owner dies, not willing to train a pet to deal with unwanted behavior, etc. We know there is a solution.

Pawsitively Humane Inc was born to get to the root of the problem--Education. PHI will work towards educating the masses through this website, PSA and Internet campaigns, editorial pieces in major newspapers, leaflets in mailers, and numerous venues and tactics.  As the average person becomes aware of the gravity of the situation, learns what they can do from a phone call to talking to neighbors to fostering rescued pets, we as a city can come together and reverse this trend. We know there is a solution. It will take time, persistence, patience and open heart and mind.

Please follow this website for breaking news, success stories, and alerts.  There is much happening. Education is the key to overcoming any major challenge.

Thank you for taking a moment to make a difference in our neighborhood, city and country.


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