Pawsitively Humane

Monetary Donations

Your monetary donations will serve a number of efforts:

1. Veterinary care for homeless dogs and cats that we are fostering
Vet bills add up fast!  Our last two rescues was an elderly large dog with anemia, a broken hip and burnt paw pads.  He was founding roaming the streets of downtown Miami. Then there is Charlie Brown the cat. He was dumped in the area and needs the entire spectrum of care from a medical checkup, blood tests, neutering and microchip.

2. TNR--Trapping and Spaying/Neutering any stray cats or dogs. 
Second to education and awareness, Spaying/Neutering is the best way to reduce homeless cat population. However, for anyone with experience it takes a lot of work, patience and muscle to trap the cats, take them to a vet, pick them up and handle their post operation recovery.  There are professionals who offer this service and the standard rate is $70 a cat. If you were to call to report 5- 12 cats in your neighborhood or near your office that need to be sterilized (spayed/neutered)  the total of $350-$840 can be costly for the average person.  That is why we want to help subsidize the cost of this service. Your donation will go directly towards the entire process.

3. Pet food for kind resident volunteers who are feeding and managing cat colonies
We have come across private individuals in various neighborhoods throughout South Florida feeding and overlooking a cat colony in their neighborhood.  What was most impressive, it was the people who have the least that give the most.  Especially individuals who are unemployed or earning considered low-income. Often people with money, don't have time to volunteer and feed neighborhood cats. Ones that have the heart and time, often lack funding. However you can also donate cat food!  We always welcome those type of donations if that is easier.

4. Advertisements to get dogs and cats adopted. One of the biggest challenges is finding homes for large dogs adult cats, black dogs and cats, and pets with health condition or disability. With hundreds if not thousands of dogs waiting for homes or euthanized at the shelter, we have to reach a wider audience beyond Facebook and Craig's List.  Therefore for difficult-to-place dogs and cats we will spend a little more on ads in Facebook and local paper.

If you would like your donation to go to a specific effort, please let us know.

Thank you for your consideration and donation!


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