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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Verdict for Vet Kristen Lindsey who Killed Cat with Bow and Arrow

In April of this year, veterinarian Kristen Lindsey (age 31) boasted about killing a local tomcat with a bow and arrow.  She didn't just brag to friends, she blasted her triumph on Facebook (an image we do not feel comfortable in posting but you can easily find online). Even more disturbing was an accolade she received. Her caption on Facebook read,
 “My first bow kill (cat smiley face) lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award…gladly accepted.”

The news spread virally nationwide.   In reading the Facebook post, despite if the photo was doctored or not, it would appear that practicing archery for fun was the real purpose and the tomcat was the intended target. Later we learned Lindsey claimed to have used the bow and arrow to defend her pet from a potentially rabid stray cat.

Pet lovers and animal welfare caregivers were shocked and disgusted. But it gets worse.  The arrogance of Lindsey went further.  Before the deluge of comments and her deleting her Facebook page, Lindsey posted:

It turns out the orange and white cat was not a stray but a pet cat named Tiger who went missing at the same time frame Lindsey killed the tomcat!! He belonged to an elderly couple.

Charges were filed and the investigation began.  Unfortunately we learned today that a grand jury failed to indict Lindsey because there was insufficient proof she committed the crime. In the animal welfare/rescue world, we face this regularly, the lack of proof of the intent of animal cruelty.

This news was devastating to us as Pawsitively Humane specializes in stray and feral cats through our effort at Riverfront Cats.  Clearly the District Attorney's office failed to conduct a proper investigation. Foremost the DA never once consulted the AVMA (American Veterinarian Medical Association) for a clear understanding of its Guidelines for Euthanasia of Animal 2013 Edition. The AVMA states this in their statement of June 27, 2015. A bow and arrow are not equivalent methods to other standards used by AVMA.

While Lindsey may not serve jail time or pay any fines,
 she could still lose her veterinarian license--with your help!


1- Let's first acknowledge, pay our respects, and follow the Facebook pages dedicated to Tiger.
One is  Justice For " Tiger " The Cat Murdered By Kristen Lindsey (24k followers)
Another is Remembering Tiger (9k followers as of June 29, 2015)

2- Use #JusticeforTiger in all your social media postings.  We urge you to remain polite.  Passionate but polite. Feel free to use the image above!

3- Please write to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and share your support and logic to revoke the veterinarian license of Kristen Lindsey. Or if you can spare the time, please send them a written letter and send certified mail. This may motivate them to reply and it adds urgency and legally becomes a record, unlike posting a comment on their page that is one way medium with no proof that you ever wrote your comments.  As of July 2, 2015, Kristen Erin Lindsey's license was ACTIVE and in good standing. See below.


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Department Contact Information:
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If you are a long-time follower of ours, then you'll recall the incident with the Loews hotel chain. (See below for all related links). After years of having a MODEL TNRM program at NO COST to the Orlando hotel, one new Operations Director decided he did not want harmless, colony cats on the expansive grounds.  Riverfront Cats exposed the story that even USA Today Online retweeted the alarming news. It made national news.  Therefore, the executive office and the Tisch family were well aware of the headline news.  Yet the company repeatedly refused to sit down with experts to have a rational, civil discussion.  The decision was made for Loews Hotel to trap all 20+ cats and send them to the Orange County Animal Shelter where normally they are euthanized.

Despite a  PEACEFUL protest organized by Alley Cat Allies and hundreds of protesters outside the Loews Portofino Bay hotel in Orlando, the media failed to do any homework on the evolving science and SUCCESS of TNRM programs and therefore no balanced reporting came from their broadcast of the escalating situation. Animal welfare advocates may have lost the battle but the Facebook page exists, receiving daily hits and new followers.  Residents, travelers and potential clients of Loews Hotel are learning of this ugly truth.  This is only the beginning in improving the welfare of community cats.

After the tragic death of Tiger by Dr. Kristin Lindsey, the silver lining in the face of darkness is that the issue of inhumanely killing stray or feral cats is propelled to national attention again.  It is now considered a top-tier felony by the FBI.

It is our hope that education about humane welfare of stray, feral, community cats is gained through positive mediums and not through senseless killings making national news.  Please continue to follow this blog and our nonprofit organization and learn of simple ways to share facts and enlighten those around you. You are the voice for voiceless pets.

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  1. According to AVMA website: "...the AVMA does not have the authority to revoke any veterinarian’s license. Veterinary medicine is regulated at the state level, so only the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has the power to discipline her license." May I suggest everyone write, email or call the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

  2. Her killing of a defenceless animal that turned out to be a pet,was unbelievably cruel and heartless.She should be banned from practicing for the rest of herlife!

  3. I just wrote a letter for certified mail. Thank you for publishing this. #justicefortiger

  4. For anyone to hurt defenseless animals is worse than cruel. For a veterinarian to do it is deplorable and she should no longer have a license to be one.


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