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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pets Trust update July 10, 2012

by Christine Michaels

Today I attended the County Commissioner's meeting at the government center in downtown Miami. On a quick side note, it is an enlightening experience to see the inner workings of our local government and the decision making process by each commissioner.

Specifically I was there to show support for the Pets Trust initiative. On behalf of Pawsitively Humane, Inc, animal loving friends and neighbors, this meeting was more than important.  We as residents of Miami Dade county are coming together to push for this initiative to get on the voter's ballot November 6 to gauge if taxpayers will provide a steady revenue stream to reverse homeless pet population. For background information, please CLICK HERE for my initial report.

The initiative needs at least the votes of 7 commissioners out of 13.  Today we received unanimous support from the four commissioners present. But what was an absolute coincidence, was the presence of an unknown, unregistered lobbyist-- a puppy.  This was not planned.  Right outside the building a homeless man was selling the puppy for $50 (which is actually illegal). A volunteer for a local rescue on her way into the center for this meeting, produced the cash and marched right  into the commissioners chambers with the puppy cradled in her arms. Commissioners were shocked. Chairman Pepe Diaz asked "You found this puppy right outside here?" The answer was yes. So the volunteer rushed up to the commissioners' bench and without asking, plopped the pup in Diaz's hands. He's now christened "Pepe Sal" after Pepe Diaz and Commissioner Sally Heyman, the sponsor of the Pets' Trust. It was quite the snuggle scene.

The Miami Herald reported on the "Pup Power Pushes Miami-Dade Pet's Trust Proposal".

So what's next?
There's one more hurdle, one more meeting on July 17 to garner more commissioner votes.
We need as many supporters in the audience to show the commissioners this effort is supported by many, not the few. Please attend. Their meeting begins at 9:30am but keep in mind the commissioners discuss many issues and so we do not know the exact time of the Pets Trust presentation and discussion.

How else can you help?
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See you on July 17!


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