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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pets Trust Update - July 17, 2012

INCREDIBLE NEWS! Yesterday at the government center, County Commissioners voted unanimously 13-0 to add the Pets' Trust initiative to the voters ballot.  A tremendous THANK YOU to Michael Rosenberg who, like a dog with a bone, would not let go and met with commissioners right up to the vote. (Of course he had a secret weapon, a powerful lobbyist--Pepe Sal).

Read the Miami Herald article "Puppy Power Wins at Miami-Dade Commission". 

Many thanks to all of you that took the time to write or call county commissioners with your support for the Pets Trust. The goal is to have voters decide on this important issue!

What's next? Well the hardest work is ahead of us--winning votes from residents. This will take significant planning, meetings, and volunteers leading up to November 6.

Please encourage anyone you know who lives in Miami Dade County  to FOLLOW THIS BLOG to keep you updated on how you can help spread the word and motivate people to get out and vote!Once we know the ballot number, we'll share that too!

Just register your email to the right to receive automatic updates. We do not share your email and we don't bite or scratch. Just ask Pepe Sal. 

Initiative where for 5 cents a day, we can save 20,000 healthy, adoptable dogs and cats from euthanization at county shelter. This will be accomplished through education and prevention programs to help pet owners with specific issues so they are not turning in their pets at high kill shelter. These include programs on dog training, low cost vet care, low cost spay/neuter clinics, and numerous education programs. There are SOLUTIONS!


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