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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Miami Dade County Launches TNG for Homeless Cats


More and more communities, neighborhoods, HOAs (Homeowners Associations) are learning and implementing new solutions for overcoming the plight of homeless cats.

Most of you have heard of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) where individuals use a special cat trap and Trap a stray or feral cat, take the cat to be spayed/Neutered, and Release it to its original environment.  This practice prevents the exponential reproduction of kittens that leads to hundreds and thousands of homeless cats. However individuals who practice TNR normally have to fund it from their pockets.  While many vet clinics participate in low cost spay/neuter (as low as $25) it still adds up.

In Miami-Dade County, they are taking it a step further by launching a TNG program led by the county-run Animal Services. What is TNG? Trap-Neuter-Give Back.  Essentially it's the same concept as TNR but the county is offering free spay/neuter for any community cat, essentially stray and feral cats that have no owner and helping to return the cats.

Individuals must still trap the cat and can borrow the trap from the county or from a nonprofit organization like The Cat Network for a $50 refundable deposit (they will also teach you how to trap a cat).  The county will perform the spay/neuter surgery FREE of cost and you have the option to pick up the cat after surgery and release it or the county will drive and Give Back the cat to its original location.  

To learn more about TNG in Miami Dade county for community cats (stray, feral cats), please click here.

This is a big step for a government program in partnership with residents. At Pawsitively Humane we will keep you posted of the progress and results.

Please share this valuable information to further education other residents and communities.


  1. Thanks dear, I love your blog ! You have provided a good info through this blog about a pet. I’ve learned more through this blog.
    Really your your blog is top notch and very classy.
    Many thanks again for sharing.

  2. I hope they ear-tip the TNG cats so people will know if a particular feral is already fixed. The cat in the image doesn't appear to be tipped....

  3. What they don't tell you is that these are not just stray/feral cats and they are not always brought back to where they "came from". Rather just dumped in Dade county. Not very responsible!

    Last month over 600 cats were released in Dade county.

    Miami Dade Animal Services gave up on finding cats & kittens homes indoor, now they drop off in the county so they fend for themselves.

    That is not a good thing!

    1. We have done a couple of the cats from our community and they have all been brought back. They do ear tip them. Also, if you are concerned that they will not be brought back,alternatively they will let you pick them up. I think it is a great program! My mother has done 12 feral cats in her community.


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