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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Would you vote for the dog or ostrich for the Dorito's SuperBowl Commercial?

Every year, companies around the world work hard to air the most creative and unique commercials for the SuperBowl. And Dorito's has been very successful with most of their fun and original SuperBowl commercials. This year the lineup so far is devoid of pets, but two of Dorito's commercials features dogs in leading roles. And you can help pick the commercial!

Take a look.

“Cowboy Kid” has a child whose family Bullmastiff serves as a horse:

 “Time Machine” has a chip-gobbling Golden Retriever:

For animal lovers, an ostrich is featured in a third spot, “Breakroom Ostrich:”

Want to make sure that your favorite commercial is aired during the Super Bowl? 

Visit the official Doritos Crash the Super Bowl site to vote. 

One spot will be chosen by the online community, the other picked by the Doritos marketing team.

 The Super Bowl XLVIII will be celebrated on February 2nd at The New Jersey's Metlife Stadium. Will yo be going? We're happy to skip the freezing cold, stay indoors and watch the commercials!


  1. We love the commercials, that's mostly why we watch! Can't wait to see. Actually the husband of a good friend created the video with the dog, we're really excited for them!

  2. I'd probably chose the cowboy and the dog, lots of kids like to think they could ride me, but so far no rides, but who knows in an emergency?! :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. We love the Super Bowl commercials! Have you seen this year's Budweiser commercial with the horses and puppies? It's awesome!

  4. Being that we have an English Mastiff, we liked the cowboy riding the Mastiff, obviously!!!


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