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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane Pets Rescue needs your help!

We just received this email a couple of hours ago! This organization helps rescue pets after a hurricane but we need to help them PREPARE for the hurricane. If anyone in Miami can install plywood or donate sand bags, they need it now!  If you read this after Isaac passes, please consider donating supplies for the next hurricane or tropical storm. Many thanks! 

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Dear members and friends:
Well, is beginning to look a lot like Isaac!
Yes, it is coming our way and we need to be ready.
Our shelter is on a low lying area, therefore it floods.
We found this out after a time of crazy rain, when it rained for a whole week last year, as a result we ended up with quite a few inches of rain water inside the shelter.
Actually it flooded twice, the second time was not long ago.
Since then we were forced to install gutters and we asphalted the floor line where water was coming in.
Having said that, all the weather advisories are calling for flood and gusty winds.
We know that weather people can be a little off at times, regardless we need to be prepare to ensure the safety of the animals.
Better to be safe, than sorry right.
Our funding does not allow us to go out and buy hurricane supplies right now, unfortunately these extra expenses are not in the budget, we  therefore urgently need your help before tomorrow.

So, what is needed:

1- A couple of volunteers to help us board the windows and french doors.
Please note that all of our walls in the back of the shelter are glass, not cool for a hurricane or tropical storm with gusty winds.

2- Donated plywood, preferably the three quarter inch thickness, but any plywood that is in good shape will do.We are not picky and neither are the animals.

3- Sand bags, we need lots of these because of the flood issue.

4- Empty clean plastic containers (the bigger the better) and empty plastic water bottles to store water for cleaning and so forth.

5 - Bottle water, for the animals to drink.

6- Batteries, all sizes.

7- Stand by, temporary foster homes in case we need to move the animals, if things get bad.
Please note that:
If you volunteer to be a disaster relief foster parent, you will be sent a screening application to fill out, please take the time to send it back to us.
If you are already a disaster relief foster parent with HPR, please confirm that you are on stand by and have space to take in in a kitty or 2.

8-Paper plates.

9- Plastic spoons and forks

10- Paper Towels

11- Dry and Wet food.
We feed Kirkland dry food from Costco and Friskies wet NO fish, please.
Please note that Turkey and Giblets has fish in it.

12- Flashlights

13- Monetary contributions.
We have created an Isaac Fund as we may have no other choice but to go out and buy the supplies.
Main reason we might not get items donated as people have to prepare their own homes and time is really a constrain, since this will be hitting us tomorrow.
CLICK HERE to donate via Paypal. (phone: 786-999-8239)

14- Wine and beer for the worker's and volunteers!
JUST KIDDING, in this business you have got to have a sense of humor or else you loose brain.:)
Like we never have enough to deal with, now Isaac, guess is one of the perks of living in South Florida right!

Anyway, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for anything you can do to help, if you are in the path of the storm BE SAFE AND TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU WHEREEVER YOU GO.
You will be in our prayers.

I will like to take this opportunity to include the link below in this e-mail:

Please e-mail us @ if you can help with anything in the above list so we can give you the address to where drop of the items off.
Do not call us please because we are not going to be anywhere near the telephone line.
God Bless always and forever.

Celene Albano
HPR Rescue CEO
501c3 Non-Profit.
Tax ID # 42-169-3737
 phone: 786-999-8239


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