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Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Lilies and Dark Chocolate Very Dangerous for Cats

Your home is suppose to be a haven for you, your family and pets. It's important to know the household items that can hurt or kill your pet. Just like baby-proofing a home for the arrival of a newborn, a pet owner needs to know which items are a dangerous to have around pets.

With Easter around the corner, cat owners need to avoid having Easter Lilies and dark chocolate bunnies, candies and other treats. 

Dr. Justine Lee writes a blog The Daily Vet for Pet MD. In this blog posting, Why Veterinarians Hate Easter, she explains the parts of the flower that are dangerous, the ingredient in dark chocolate that is lethal if ingested by dogs or cats, and the signs symptomatic of poisoning.

During the week of Easter, calls related to chocolate poisoning in dogs to Pet Poison Helpline increase by nearly 200 percent.

 If your pet exhibits any abnormal signs, always call a veterinarian immediately. Have a safe Easter!


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