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Thursday, December 20, 2012

7 Reasons the Maltese Might be the Dog for You

So you’re wondering if the Maltese is the right dog for you.  For starters, the Maltese is a small dog, generally about six to nine pounds, boasting a silky white coat, and are lively and playful and love to lie on your lap.  Their coal black eyes and nose sharply contrasting the straight or wavy white fur captures the attention and affection of adults and children alike. So let’s examine the seven reasons if the Maltese is your next pet.

Reason # 1: Vanity
Let’s face it. You knew this had to be on the list. From the TV reality shows like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or those rich old ladies from Boca, there’s always a celebrity or crème de la crème woman who totes a purse with a cute, fluffy white dog.  Why? A small white dog makes you look younger! 

Reason # 2: Accessorize
Let’s take it a step further. Can’t afford that mink shawl or pricey sports car?  No problem! A fancy dog purse with your Maltese named Chanel, her head poking out, professionally groomed and sporting a Swarovski diamond collar is more affordable and does the trick to enhance your look. Besides, wearing real fur is a fashion faux pas these days.

 Reason #3: Never Have to Sweat to Stay Fit
So you don’t want to admit to having a tummy tuck or other plastic surgery. Just tell your friends your daily walks with your Maltese keeps you fit and trim. All joking aside for a moment, the Maltese needs daily walks so a stroll around Central Park will help you keep up appearances, you don’t have to jog to keep up with a big dog and get all sweaty, and this way you’re telling the truth, sort of. 

Reason #4: Ideal Pet for Condo Dwellers
Onto more practical reasons, the Maltese makes an ideal condo canine and companion. You don’t have to worry about your pooch taking up most of the bed or climbing and drooling all over the furniture. A Maltese will loyally sleep by your side, on the other pillow, or at the foot of the bed.

Reason # 5: Fulfill your Need to Nurture
If you’re not ready for children but have a need for a companion and to nurture, then the Maltese is the perfect pet. The Maltese requires daily brushing if you decide to keep their hair long, a signature trademark of this breed. While they do not require a backyard, daily exercise in the form of indoor play and outdoor walks is sufficient and important to their physical and mental health. Also, they will proudly strut with a prissy name like Fifi or Prince Charming.  

Reason #6: Another reason to shop
 Not only are you a fashionista but naturally Fifi must be dressed to impress.  Pink feathers, leather and lace, cashmere sweaters, the Maltese wardrobe is as versatile as the latest runway fashions.

Reason #7: Beauty & Brains
You're not that shallow, most of the time. Well, beyond the superficial, the Maltese is a gentle, loving, graceful and smart dog. According to history, royalty favored these dogs not just for their lap size and regal appearance but also their high intelligence. The Maltese is adept to learning tricks and are bold and quick to sound the alarm in the event of suspicious noises. I should know. My Maltese, Ma Cherie (yes a frilly name which means “My Sweetheart” for a female in French), awoke me from a deep sleep and alerted me at 2am to a quiet but rushing flood inside my condo from a pipe burst two floors above that I was able to hastily grab towels and a bucket in time to save my home and furniture from water damage.  Beauty and brains. Just stay your cutie pie takes after you!


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Rebel, Shag or Puppy Cut?

“It’s all about the hair and accessories”.  Words of a true fashionista. But in this scenario we’re talking about a dog. You’ve probably seen the Maltese (a small white dog) with various dog haircuts-long hair, short hair, swooshy hair, top knots and bows.  So which dog haircut is right for your Maltese? It all depends on the time or money you’re willing to invest in regular grooming.

The Puppy Cut
If time and money are in tight supply, then stick to the puppy haircut.  As the name suggests, your Maltese’s hair is kept short and clean cut, like a brand new puppy.  No daily brushing is required. You can still get creative and do some styling like the Lion's cut, along with a polka dot dress. Stylish, easy maintenance and oh so cute!

The Rebel Look
The Maltese do not molt and shed clumps of hair like other dogs. But their hair grows fast. Three weeks beyond the puppy cut and that wavy hair grows like weeds. It’s not long enough to keep it straight, but at a length that requires daily grooming. Otherwise the fur starts to mat and next thing you know, someone mistakens your unkempt Maltese for a stray dog—horrors!

The Shag
Despite the 70’s connotation, this dog haircut is a head-turner and the style that captivates in dog shows and graces the covers of dog magazines.  If you enjoy primping and styling your own hair, chances are you’ll spend as much time grooming your Maltese.  If you choose this style, start at an early age. Young dogs will grow accustom to sitting still while you tilt their head, extend their paw and clip between their pads, etc. A fidgety dog risks getting cut by those clippers or shears. 

The shag is a long cascading fur that swooshes like a flapper’s dress. This dog haircut requires daily maintenance. The first commandment to keep the hair pristine white, “thou shall never step on a dirty floor”.  In the morning, the dogs briefly go outside to a dry yard with thick grass or mulch to minimize the risk of soiling their coat.  After morning bathroom duty, the Maltese should be combed not brushed with mink oil, the top knot redone, and eye area cleaned. Then every two weeks the routine should consist of clipping the belly and backside, a sanitary cut, rounding out the feet, plucking the ears and cleaning them (did you know hair grows inside the ears and can be plucked without pain?) and bathing the dog. The blow-drying takes 90 minutes and should be done in layers. 

Below is a helpful DVD and handbook that will guide you with acquiring the right type of clippers, the number blade, eye cleaner and other tools and the how-to’s for trimming the fur. Only $29.95.

Remember, practice makes perfect and your Maltese will be a show stopper!


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dog Drives a Car--Really!!

This may seem unbelievable, but these dogs are actually driving a car. This is not a marketing gimmick. Actually it's a program funded by the SPCA in New Zealand to demonstrate the intelligence of  rescue dogs and raise awareness about their plight. Don't buy a dog--Adopt!  This is really amazing. Now what about cats? Do you think they can learn? We say yes!

Have you met Nina? This beautiful one year old female with brown eye and blue eye dropped off at shelter. She's waiting for you! If interested, we will find transportation to bring her to you anywhere in US!


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Monday, December 3, 2012

For Adoption: Nina, Border Collie Husky

Introducing Nina! (Location: Miami, Florida)

This young mother is approximately one year old and believed to be a mix Border Collie and Husky. A unique feature are her distinct brown eye and blue eye! Isn't she beautiful?! Nina was turned into the county shelter and was saved from euthanization by a volunteer.

Nina is a medium-sized dog and does not weigh (35 pounds) much but could use some extra weight. She had puppies which thankfully were all adopted. But mom needs a home too!

Nina is very friendly, affectionate, plays fetch, is great with children, and loves walks and runs. If you would like to meet Nina, please contact foster mother Jessica Marquez at 305-283-2351.

Thank you for caring.
Thank you for sharing this post and making a difference in the lives of abandoned pets.


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