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Monday, August 22, 2016

Local Miami Election Can Save Homeless Pets

At Pawsitively Humane, we look at the big picture to help the most pets.  Tracking the progress of city and county elected officials is a critical part.  While the county opened a wonderful new animal shelter, unfortunately it is not enough to address or reverse the exponential rate of homeless pets.  Miami Dade Animal Service numbers are often skewed for reduced numbers of pets killed as often they would turn away residents who were dropping off unwanted pets.

There are solutions and one solution was brought forward by the Pets Trust!

As you know we have been tracking the Pets Trust fight to introduce and implement initiatives to make a major dent in the plight of homeless pets in Miami Dade County.  Given the shocking discovery that the current mayor would not honor the resident vote to implement the Pets Trust initiative in the last local election, thankfully a new candidate has emerged. Raquel Regalado has vowed to make a difference in the first 100 days of taking office and honor your vote!

Local elections are just as important as the national elections if not moreso!! Local elections affect your immediate livelihood--where you live and work and raise your family or retire...

The first primary local election is AUGUST 30. If you know anyone that lives in the Miami are, please share this news and ask them to vote!

 Let's stand up and give a voice, a vote for homeless pets!

AUG 30 AND NOV 8 ***

For a summary of the situation, please visit pet blogger Momma Kat and her Bear Cat post on the issue.

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